ePour wine dispensers energize a wine program’s efficiency by eliminating waste due to spoilage, theft, and over pouring. ePour pays for itself through increased retailer profitability of as much as 46%.

  • No more over pours, half consumed bottles, unaccounted for servings, bottle disposal/clean up.
  • Virtually no server training as management can preset multiple pour options from taste to bottles and all the server does is touch a button on the ePour screen.

Here are some additional ways ePour saves money and increases revenue:

Eliminate Overpouring

ePour accurately pours wine within 4/100 of an ounce. This assures retailers and system owners that no wine will be wasted and assures customers that the amount of wine ordered is the amount of wine poured.

Eliminate Spoilage

An ePour wine system extends the life of your wine from 3 days to over 6 months using patented vacuum technology instead of gas.

Eliminate Theft

Using intuitive software, each team member is 100% accountable for every glass poured as well as quantity poured.

Control Inventory & Track Sales

The ePour software allows the retailer to know what wines are selling and how quickly they are selling. This enables the retailer to manage its inventory on a just-in-time basis.



A restaurant that serves 40 cases of wine per month utilizing ePour will see a return on investment within the first two months