Maximize Quality
ePour Tech extends the life of your wine from 3 days to over 6 months using patented vacuum technology and maintaining the proper temperature of the wine.
Maximize Control
Using intuitive software, every ounce/ml poured is identified to the individual team member initiating the pour.
Maximize Profitability
ePour accurately pours wine within 4/100 of an ounce, the customer receives what they ordered and the retailer receives maximum profit for the sale.
Maximize Sustainability
No glass bottles, corks or capsules decreases the weight per case by 39%, which means that ePour tech eliminates expensive waste removal.

ePour Wine Dispenser

The 12”x26” ePour countertop model is designed for operations that have limited space available or offer one house white and one house red wine by the glass. The unit is designed for separate cooling temperatures for red and white wines. Multiple units can be integrated to allow for expanded wine offerings.

ePour is a “green” operation that eliminates waste, reduces carbon footprint, cuts shipping costs and provides savings to the consumer while simultaneously providing a higher margin to the operator. The dispenser’s design enables wines to maintain its freshness for a period of 6 months after it is packaged, and provides customers with a precise pour at the recommended temperature for the wine. In addition, each machine monitors the volume of wine dispensed, allowing users to track popular brands or varieties on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This wine dispensing concept presents new opportunities for banquet facilities, restaurants, convention centers, casinos, sports arenas, hotels, importers and “taste-and-bottle” operations.